Robin Hood

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  • Published : February 4, 2011
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Robin Hood

1.What is Robin Hood’s strategic Vision? Robin Hood’s strategic vision is to put an end to the Sheriff of Nottingham and his administration. The Merrymen wish to stop the Sheriff from taking from the poor to provide for the rich.

2.What is Robin Hood’s current mission? Robin’s mission is to successfully revolt against the Sheriff and his administration. He and his Merrymen rob from the rich to pay the poor. Revenge is its mission.

3.Size-up Robin Hood’s present situation by developing a SWOT analysis. The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Robin Hood
and the Merrymen are closely related. A SWOT analysis will help in elaborating strategic alternatives and achieving the Band’s goals.
The Merrymen are united in enmity against the Sheriff
The Band has strength in its numbers, they are numerous
Robin Hood is a strong leader
The group is increasing in numbers rapidly
The group is somewhat structured in management
The Merrymen grow popular among their communities
Training and producing product costs are low, they simply steal to obtain their capitol

The group is growing too rapidly for Robin to be an effective leader alone, he does not know everyone •There is not enough natural or financial resources to sustain the group •Discipline of the Band is difficult to manage

Depletion in finances
The depth of Management within the Band
Space problem caused by the large numbers
Merchants that once traveled the woods are now by-passing the forest •Robin’s personal vendetta against the Sheriff
Recruitment among the Band has no guidelines or expectations •Diseconomies of scale are becoming serious issues
Organizational climate changing with many new additions

The proposition of freeing King Richard
Potential alliance with the Barons
Good support from the poor
Robin can expand to other...
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