Robin Hood

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  • Published : January 23, 2011
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In the Robin Hood case, we can easily apply the principles of a business organization. Robin was the CEO of the Merrymen. He made all important decisions and a few lieutenants serve in roles that have been delegated such as information gathering, discipline, finances and provisioning. These make up the top management in the organization. There are several issues Robin Hood needs to consider. First, Robin Hood needs to make sure his own personal grievances against the Sheriff do not cloud his vision and what is in the best interest of his Merrymen as a group. Second, take a broad look at the overall organizational structure by conducting an environmental scan, a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats analysis and/or using a variety of organizational assessments. A SWOT analysis will help determine some strategic alternatives and how the band can attempt to fulfill its mission and achieve its goals.   Robin Hood can use the SWOT analysis to identify where he is strong and vulnerable, where he should defend and attack by scanning both internal and external environments

The two main threats facing Robin Hood are the intensive threat of competitive rivals and threats to suppliers. Prince John and the Sherriff are Robin’s main rivals and pose a definite threat to his operation. They are in direct competition with each other, and their actions have to constantly be monitored. They pose a high level threat, because of the threat of an attack, taxations to the residents of the forest, and their persistent efforts to capture Robin Hood and his Merrymen. Suppliers are a high level threat, because at any point those who support Robin Hood could be captured by Prince John and the Sherriff, thus cutting off supplies. Also, the bargaining power of suppliers is high simply because of the business Robin is involved in. His business is illegal and therefore a high level threat to anyone who supplies to him.

The Merrymen need to build off the strengths it has....
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