Bhs312 Mod 1 Case

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BHS312 - Principles of Management
Introduction to Management
Module 1 – Case
Managers and Leaders: What’s the Difference?
Richard Patrone
TUI University
Dr. Brad Collins, PhD
Summer 2012

After reading the following article please address the questions listed below.

1. Describe, in your own words, the difference between management and leadership.

2. Identify, describe, and contrast the basic functions of management and the basic functions of leadership (the first learning objective). This part of the assignment will allow you an opportunity to demonstrate critical thinking. Make sure that you support your discussion with scholarly support.

3. Describe and justify the management leadership strategies that are most meaningful to you. Make sure you justify your response.

4. Describe and justify the management leadership value or values that are most meaningful to you. Please justify your response.

Darling, J., & Heller, V. (2009). Organization Development in an Era of Socioeconomic Change: A Focus on The Key to Successful Management Leadership. Organization Development Journal, 27(2), 9-26.  Retrieved July 12, 2012, from ABI/INFORM Global. (Document ID: 1737653851).

Management can be linked with the term control. To manage something or someone is to control it/them. Control has many definitions, but in this case, control (management) is defined as manipulating a process or person in order to get a desired result. Managers manipulate their people or processes for the betterment of the company. Management is not a negative thing, but when it is broken down to its core definition, it can sound as if managers are really dictators. This is not the case. Management or managers have an important role in the business world, for without managers, tasks and people tend to lose organization and productivity. Management is simply the process of getting activities complete as efficiently and effectively as possible with and through other people. Management controls or directs people/resources in a group according to principles or values that have already been established.

One way you can look at defining leadership, or what constitutes a leader is to say that a leader is someone that has the acquired talent or innate gift to invoke change in someone’s behavior or vision in order to motivate them into doing the task at hand for the good of the company and themselves. A leader can make someone want to do a particular job by using particular points of positive motivation that provokes the worker into feeling like they want to do “it” because “it” is the right thing to do. Not all leaders fit this exact definition, for, some leaders, like Gandhi, for example, motivated his followers simply by not eating. He went on a hunger strike and all the while calling off further protests from his people, which ultimately led to India’s independence. He led by example, but that example was all the motivation his people needed.

Compare and Contrast Management vs. Leadership
There are many differences between management and leadership, but the two ideals should not/cannot work without one another. Management is dependent on the rules, structures and systems set fourth within an organization, which surround a job. It has its basis set around a position of power where the worker has a direct form of authority residing over him/her, and leadership, as I’ve defined above, relies on a particular person of power or influence. The two must find an equal balance in order for a company to strive. Leadership stems from the ability to develop strong and mutually rewarding relationships. It depends upon good interpersonal skills, positive personal characteristics and supportive behavior, whereas management focuses on organization. The key to leadership is influence. The key to management is control. Leadership is a facet of good management but a leader does not...
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