Sonography Career

Topics: Sonographer, Medical ultrasonography, Ultrasound Pages: 3 (1092 words) Published: March 31, 2013
The first time I started college I had a different career path. It was not after my pregnancies that I decided to make the change to sonography. I think sonography is a career that really fits my expectations, and to make sure I am in the right path I will research this career in depth. Tests and evaluations in sonography are in writing and practical. They are prepared to measure the student’s understanding of the material, and the knowledge in manipulating the transducer (Craig 53). At the beginning I was curious about how the test would be. I now know the reading tests are normal types of tests: objective, which is cover multiple choices or true and false, and the subjective, which are the essays questions. I also found, I will have some tests on computer (Craig 46-47) which I think is a great idea because I will get accustomed to the way that certifying test are now presented, also it will help me to be successful in my career. The practical exams will help me to familiarize in working with patients on a day to day work habit, and the writing and computer exams will prepare me for my certifying examination post graduation. Sonography has different types of sonograms in which I can specialize. There are eight types of diagnostic ultrasounds specialties, but there are three which are the common practiced: abdominal, obstetric and gynecologic, and cardiac (Craig 152). This is great for me, because obstetric and gynecologic is the type of ultrasound I would like to specialize. Also, since this type of ultrasound is one of the most common I think it will be easier find a job in this field. Registration is very important in the sonography field. “Graduates are encouraged to take their registry examinations as soon as possible after completion of their training (Craig 53).” In my opinion this is great because the knowledge of the sonographer is tested again giving us the opportunities to have prepared sonographers in the health facilities. Since...
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