Diagnostic Sonographer

Topics: Medical ultrasonography, Sonographer, Medical imaging Pages: 3 (1063 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Taylor Bass
Mrs. O’kon
English II 4th period
11 February 2013

Diagnostic Sonographer
There are hundreds and thousands of jobs in America. Rarely do two people want to be the exact same thing, some will become fire fighters, others will be lawyers, and some might choose the medical path way. Becoming a sonographer is not an easy task, it requires having a collage education, and it requires many different skills, are also many different types of sonography, but the pay you get becoming a sonographer is well worth the hard work.

“What in the world even is a sonographer?” Well a sonographer is a diagnostic medical professional who operate ultrasonic imaging devices to produce diagnostic images, scans, or videos. In simpler terms they are the people who your mom, wife, or sister went to when she was pregnant. They are the doctors who can tell you what the gender of our baby is. Most diagnostic sonographers work in hospitals. Diagnostic sonographers held about 53,700 jobs in 2010 and work in healthcare facilities. About 61% worked in hospitals in 2010, others worked in areas such as physician’s offices and medical/diagnostic laboratories (BLS). Below is a graph for you to visually see the different work spaces for a sonographer in 2010. The typical duties of a sonographer are as following: Prepare patients for procedures by taking a patient’s history and answering any questions the patients might have, Prepare and maintain imaging equipment, Apply a gel to aid the sound waves’ ability to show the inside of their body, Analyze the images to check for quality and adequate coverage of the area needed for diagnosis, Recognize the difference between normal and abnormal images, Record findings and keep track of patients’ records. (BLS).

“Well a good solid education is always good to have so I would say at least go 4 years. That’s what I did, and then I went for two extra years to further my knowledge” (Jackson). Diagnostic medical sonographers need formal...
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