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  • Published: February 11, 2013
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| Name: Larquitin JohnsonCourse: Music 11Professor: Dr. Anthony Gatto Assignment: Song Analysis – Forget You Date: 10/25/11   The spell of a saccharine song such as Cee Lo Green’s “Forget You,” demonstrates the magical powers of a great song that captivates the senses of many people. Even my seven-year-old daughter gets excited whenever she hears the song “Forget You” playing over the airways. From the outset, I was also wooed by its spell. The message of the song redefines my experiences of past relationships as it struck a familiar chord with the melodramatic presentation of a happy song about the heartaches of a relationship break-up. Consequently, I chose, “Forget You” to write a song analysis with the goal to determine the compositional form of the song and to identify how and why specific musical elements contribute to the shape and success of the song. The terms of reference for this song analysis are as follows: text, instrumentation, song form, vocal line, and style of the entire song. According to Wikipedia, free encyclopedia on the web, Cee Lo Green’s real name is Thomas De Carlo Callaway and the song “Forget You” was co-authored by Cee Lo Green, Christopher ‘Brody’ Brown, Peter Hermandez, Philip Lawrence and Ari Levine. The song was produced by the Smeezingtons, which is comprised of Bruno Mars, Phillip Lawrence, and Ari. Levine. The source also states that the original title for this song is “Fuck You” and that it is censored for the main media hence the change of name to “Forget You” for main stream audience. The uncensored version was released August 19, 2010 on YouTube as the first single on Cee Lo’s third album entitled “Lady Killer.” The gist of the song is captured plainly throughout the text, telling a story about a guy who is in love with a girl who had left him for a wealthier lover. One day, the jilted lover sees his ex-girlfriend driving around with her new lover and begins his negative rants about the girl even telling the new lover that the girl is “a gold digger.” So, the cliché “Forget You” fits aptly as the title for this catchy song. The text which is supported by a simple, but funny melodic line to capture the attention of any listener. A factor that makes the text popular is the familiar uses of the words “forget you” or `"FU." The usage of words such as “Xbox” and “Atari” in the context of name-calling resides well with young people and video players. The text accomplishes the objective to celebrate every relationship break-up with the words “forget you.” Or “FU.” There are attempts to rhyme certain words such as “chest” and “best” in the chorus. In Verse 1, “Ferrari” rhymes with “Atari” and in Verse 2, the words “cheat” almost rhymes with “cheap.” The instruments used in this song are piano, bass guitar, electric guitar, Congo drums, drums set, and tambourine. The piano and Congo drums begin as the featured instruments for the first four measures of the music, and then the bass joins. The drum-set and the electric guitar do not play the introduction or the first chorus until Verse 1. The piano plays a dominant riff with the notes doubled up with the bass. This riff continues for the whole song except for the bridge, where blocked chords are played at first followed with broken chords in sixteenth meter, in the upper register of the piano. The electric guitar joins in Verse 1, with strumming except for the first part of the bridge. The funky rhythm of the song is reinforced with pulsating beats from the Congo drums, producing a timbre and electrifying island-feeling of spunkiness. The drum-set begins to play at Verse 1, which seems to suggest that the introduction and the opening chorus are just warm-ups, and now, everyone is ready for the main performance. The tambourine plays a single syncopated beat on the fourth beat and this creates added interest. Although the structure of the song is in...
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