Love Is a Mixtape Analysis

Topics: Love, Compact Cassette, Mixtape Pages: 6 (2327 words) Published: November 6, 2012
Tone: reminiscing; Purpose: to share; Theme: invoke retrospect Setting
This novel takes place primarily in the city of Charlottesville, Virginia, during the period of the 1980s to the 2000s. Renee and Rob both met there in a bar named the ‘Eastern Standard’ both at the age of twenty-three. He initially planned to keep his relationship to Charlottesville strictly one of host and guest. Both he and Renee didn’t really favor Charlottesville. Then life had another plan for Rob and it was to fall in love. The setting was also a crucial part in the story because it was a music thriving environment at the time and in Charlottesville. Also, it shows that it greatly influenced the connection that Renee and Rob made with each other. The setting creates a very social atmosphere, which was something Rob wasn’t accustomed to until he began connecting with Renee. Three years after Renee died Sheffield is thinking of leaving Charlottesville when he states that, “Charlottesville was always going to be her place. I wanted it to stay that way.” Ergo, this excerpt shows that the setting is a key component to the memory of Renee. Soon after he moves to New York, he returned to Charlottesville to visit friends and he develops new friends. The entire aura of the book is based upon the setting. From the close bond that both “Robin Renee” shared during their closest times together in Charlottesville to their long distance that is represented symbolically with him living now in Brooklyn and Charlottesville and through all of the travels that they shared together as a couple . It also shows that even though he tries to move on after Renee he just can’t stop but want to return to the past (Charlottesville) and wish that Renee was still a part of his life. Character

The main character in “Love is a Mix Tape” is Rob Sheffield, the author of the book. Rob describes himself as being “a shy, skinny, Irish Catholic geek from Boston” Sheffield is 23 years of age when he begins to go through all of the experiences that dealt with Renee being in them. He is very believable throughout the entire book by providing examples as to how certain songs and mix tapes play a role in his life or somehow connect to experiences Rob has been through. Rob is a round character reason is him being real to the reader as much as someone known in real life. He is the type of person who is an introvert, more to himself. For instance, in the book it states “Some of us are born Gladys Knights and some of us are born Pips… I marveled into my Pip soul how lucky I was to choo-choo and woo-woo behind a real Gladys girl.” Rob is a behind the scenes kind of guy. Throughout the novel he shows that he is unsure of himself as an individual, but with Renee entering it, life became easier. In the novel it states that a friend of theirs says, “He would be the kind of guy to stand off to the side and watch, but she would bring him out.” What Renee did to Rob was help him realize who he could be; she brought out the best in him. Renee is the same age as Rob when they first met and though they were complete opposites, they made a connection through music. Renee could be described as outgoing, passionate, and adventurous. She was a country girl with red hair, lived a crazy life with adventurous things to keep her occupied. Renee always said, "If any of our kids want to get married when they're twenty-five, we'll have to lock them in the attic." One of the many sarcastic remarks that were said by Renee allows her character to grow more and ideally makes her look more realistic and relatable to the reader. She can be portrayed as being a round character she evolved and she was more of an influence on Rob’s life. She helped him with opening up to a altered perspective on life, seeing things through her angle of life. After Renee dies Rob continues moving forward with his life; going through adventures, listening to new music, meeting new people; all along side with the memory of Renee and the...
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