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In India cricket is popular culture. People of all age groups, men and women enjoy cricket and literally worship that sport. Cricketers are treated like gods and movie stars in this country. Before cricket championships, people in villages conduct ‘havans’ and ‘poojas’ to pray for the teams victory. Cricket has the highest mass appeal in India. It is almost equivalent to Bollywood. This mass appeal and craze of cricket in the citizens of India is used by advertisers to sell their products. The following are some of the ads and the descriptions as to how they use popular culture of cricket to place and sell their products to the masses. 1.Airtel

Sachin Tendulkar 2009:
Sachin Tendulkar is standing at the balcony and watching a bunch of street children playing a game of football in the streets while it is raining. He then calls all his friends and they join the children in the game. The ad end with the copy- With Airtel you are among friends, anytime anywhere. This ad uses Sachin Tendulkar as the main lead and banks on the cricketer’s popularity. Following Sachin Tendulkar in India is a culture. Hence Airtel uses him as the main lead of this ad.

Shahrukh Khan 2011:
Just around the time of world cup, Airtel came out with this ad with Shahrukh khan. In the ad he talks about how the whole nation is always worried about just one thing- What is the score? Everyone is just asking that one question all the time. He talks about how the anticipation of this game, makes people have sleepless nights and makes them day dream about the game. This ad had become very popular as it hits the right chord of showing the popular culture in India. As everyone could connect with it, this ad was watched many times.

Mahindra Singh Dhoni 2009:
In this ad the entire team is getting ready to go out and play and it starts pouring very heavily. That’s when M. S. Dhoni comes out with his Aircel mobile phone and helps everyone with all their network and inquiry problems. Dhoni is the captain of Indian cricket team and hence is highly worshipped in India. At one time Dhoni’s long hair style was popular culture in the entire country. It was called the Dhoni cut. The advertisers are very well aware about Dhoni’s appeal was very popular at that time. Hence they used him in the ad.

Indian Team Huddle 2004:
Ever wondered what the Indian team does in the group circle they make on the field when they take a wicket? Pepsi uses this concept to sell their product. In 2004 they came out with an ad where a small boy is carrying a carter of Pepsi while listening to the radio. As soon as he hears that the team has taken a wicket, he runs across the field and jumps into a hole which has a slide taking him right under the field. The patch of green grass pops open where the Indian cricket team has made their huddle. The boy pops his head open and makes all the cricketers drink Pepsi. This ad uses the popular culture of cricket in India very well. Pepsi is one brand which has used the game cricket and the Indian cricket team in a lot of their ads.

Shahrukh Khan and Sachin Tendulkar 1999:
In this ad Shahrukh Khan dresses up as Sachin Tendulkar to get into the private lounge of the Indian cricket team just to get hold of one Pepsi. Later Sunil Gavaskar pushes him onto the field because it is Sachin’s turn to bat next. While Shahrukh Khan is walking towards the field the actual Sachin Tendulkar stops him and takes the Pepsi can from him instead of the bat and goes away. In this way they have tried to combine the madness people have for cricket along with the madness of the craze cricketers and movie stars have for Pepsi.

Blue Billion Stadium 2003:
During the 2003 World Cup, Pepsi came out with this extremely popular ad of Blue Billion Stadium. The entire nation is shown running in one united herd to the stadium to witness the most epic World Cup finals. The Indian cricket team is shown in a huddle getting ready for...
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