Feminist Theory

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Media Presentation Feminist Theory
* Feminist in the 1960’s and
1970’s was brought to address inequalities related to female/male gender roles. * Promotes equality for both male and female in political, economic, and social issues. * Believes women are oppressed due to their sex based.

* Social division benefits for men.
* Women in the media are representation of “domestic way of living”.

Laura Mulvey (1975)
* Women are represented in which media emphasis on their sexuality and physical appearance. * Identified 3 common trends in Hollywood films:
1) Men controlled action and were responsible for moving narrative along. 2) Women are represented as passive objects for the “male gaze”. 3) The pleasure of viewing comes from; voyeurism, narcissism, and scopohilia.

Criticism of Feminist Theory
* Many films do not pursue Mulvey’s idea of “passive heroine”. * The female lead is still a glamorous actress, who is sexually appealing men. The camera encourages the audience to view the women in a voyeuristic way. * Soap operas women's issues are central to the plot.

In 1988 Gammon and Marshment suggested an idea of "female gaze”.

Examples of Feminism in commercials
Name of Video| Air Date| Description/Link|
Women in Commercial | April 2007| In this commercial we can analyze, how women are portrayed by the media. In regards to this advertisement, women are shown as “domestic” house working females. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DnQypXp54Q |

Britney’s Pepsi Commercial| July 2006| This commercial is an advertisement of a drink Pepsi. However, there is a different technique of how women are used in this commercial. Firstly, a famous singer is present in this ad, Britney Spears, this is to attract more viewer’s. Secondly, at the beginning of the video, Britney tears her clothes a part. This commercial shows, women being centre of attention, along with women being used for sexual...
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