Ad Analysis - Reflection Introduction

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David Scaggs, Jr.
English 101
9 May 2011
Reflection Introduction
Throughout the semester, I have encountered different assignments for each essay that has help me to become a better writer. My expectations were high, and I became anxious about what the topic was going to be on. As soon as I progress with the objective, I was able to put down what I wanted to talk about with the subject matter. One particular assignment that improved my quality of writing was the ad analysis. What also helped me was the learning outcome that use for it this assignment: researching. Without it, I would have never achieved the goal that was needed to complete the assignment.

When it came time to do the ad analysis, I was wondering how someone would go about and describe every bit of detail. When I saw the video in class, I was amazed by how well the woman put out every bit of detail and meaning from different ads, commercials, and merchandise. This made me even wonder more on how to do this. When I came up with my topic, I tried to find a commercial that I could analyze very descriptively. As I began to search, I was lucky enough to pick out one of the State Farm commercials that incorporate the jingle. I found the right commercial to do this as I believed it will benefit me in researching about it. This is where I began to planning stages on how it was broken down.

After the watching the video several times and pausing between each transition, I grab a notebook and began to outline where the situation took place, which all was in it, and what was the outcome afterwards. When I watched it the first time around, I was viewing it for entertainment purposes. The next time around, I got serious and went down to business. As I continue to watch the commercial, I began to act as if I was there with the actors. What also caught my attention was the repetition of the jingle throughout the entire commercial. Noticing this cause me to realize that jingle...
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