Software Project Management

Topics: Project management, Software engineering, Software development process Pages: 21 (4407 words) Published: April 12, 2012
Subject: Software Project Management

By Sandeep Upadhyay

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People – People must be organized to perform the software work effectively. Product – Effective Requirement Analysis can make the scope of the Product clear & approachable easily. Process – A process must be followed that is appropriate for the product & people. Project - The project must be planned & executed afterwards by estimating the effort including defining the checkpoints, identifying the mechanisms to monitor – control - maintain.

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SEI has developed People Management Capability Maturity Model to enhance the readiness of software organizations to attract, grow, motivate, deploy & retain the talent needed to improve their software development capability. Recruitment, Selection, Performance management, Training, Compensation, Career development, Organization , Work design & Team/ Culture development.

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The Stackholders – A software project is populated by stackholders which can be categorized as follows – 1. Sr. Managers who define business issues that often influence the project. 2. Project Managers who must plan, motivate, organize, & control the practitioners who do software work. 3. Practitioners who deliver the technical skills to develop a product. 4. Customer who specify the requirements for the software to be engineered. 5. End Users who interact with the software once its released for use. Sandeep Upadhyay Study Stuffs 9/14/2011


The project’s team must be organized in a way that maximizes each person’s skills & abilities & that’s the job of the team leader. Team Leaders – Team Leader leads the team & has following abilities – 1. Motivation 2. Organization 3. Ideas or Innovation Project Managers – Project Manager (PM) leads the project & has following abilities – 1. Problem Solving 2. Managerial Identity 3. Achievement 4. Influence & Team Building Sandeep Upadhyay Study Stuffs 9/14/2011 5

The Software Team – Depending upon the scope of the software project & scope of the module a certain number of persons are required to work upon it collaboratively, this phenomena is called software team. The best team depends on following factors – 1. Difficulty of the problem to be solved. 2. Rigidity of the delivery date. 3. The degree to which the problem can be modularized. 4. The skill set of individual in team. 5. The number of persons incorporated in a team.

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Question - What options do we have when defining the structure of the team? Answer – 4 paradigms are been suggested which are as follows – 1. A closed paradigm – Allows the OS as per the traditional hierarchy. 2. A random paradigm – Allows the OS as per the flexibility of the problem behavior & skill+innitiative of individual team member. 3. An open paradigm – Mixture of open & closed paradigm. 4. A Synchronous paradigm – Relies on breakdown of project into sub problems & allowing team members to work upon pieces of the problem with little active communication among themselves. Sandeep Upadhyay Study Stuffs 9/14/2011 7

What is Jelled Team? - Which becomes unstoppable because of it’s juggernaut for success or team spirit or jazbaa. Teams get fails to become a Jelled Team because of the following reasons – 1. PM must ensure the team that it can access all the needable resources to complete the given task/ job. 2. A software team can be avoided to felt into frustration if it’s given a power of decision to some extent. 3. Team must establish the mechanisms of accountability & check approaches. 4. Deploy a feedback approach in team itself for decisions which needs intake of different thoughts. Sandeep Upadhyay Study Stuffs 9/14/2011 8

Agile Teams – A self organized team which has autonomy to plan & make technical decisions. Agile team is allowed make its own approach on process,...
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