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Topics: Project management, Decision making, Decision theory Pages: 3 (756 words) Published: December 12, 2012
GenRays Matrix Template Project Management Knowledge Areas|Recommended Tool(s)|Justification for Tool| Project Integration Management | Expert Judgment|-PM Plan is Formal, single document, approved (becomes officially the project plan. It defines how project is executed and controlled. Scope, schedule, and Cost, Change, and Configuration Management plans are created in this process and are part of the PM plan- Scope Management plan is developed here as well.| Project Scope Management | -Interviews -Focus Groups -Facilitated Workshops -Group Creativity Technique -Group decision making techniques -Questionnaires and Surveys -Observation(Job Shadowing) -Prototypes| Facilitated Workshops examples: JAD and Quality Function Deployment Group Creativity Technique examples: -Brainstorming -Nominal Group Technique: enhances brainstorming with voting process -Delphi Technique-Idea and Mind Mapping -Affinity Diagram: large numbers of ideas to be sorted into groups Group Decision making technique -Unanimity: everyone agrees on single course of action -Majority: support from more than 50% of the members of the group -Plurality: the largest block in a group decides even if a majority is not achieved Dictatorship: one individual makes the decision for the group| Project Time Management| -Bottom- up Estimating -Expert Judgment -Alternative Analysis -Published Est. Data -PM Software| Bottom-up estimating: Breaking down complex activities into pieces. -Published Est. Data: Published data as books and journals -Alte. Analysis: means considering several different options for how to assign resources| Project Cost Management | -Analogous Estimating -Bottom-up Estimating -Parametric Estimating -Cost of Quality -Vendor Bid Analysis -Reserve Analysis -Expert Judgment -Three-point estimates -PM estimating software| -Cost of quality: Cost that is incurred to achieve required quality -Rough order of magnitude: As the project moves, estimates should become more accurate -Direct Costs: Costs...
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