Socrate Essay

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Socrate Essay


Socrate and knowledge
Socrate is known for many things; one is for his theories of that people are born with all the knowledge in the world in their soul. Socrate believed that our soul is immortal and that is where our knowledge comes from and that in fact is just a matter of something jogging the memory and making us remember the information that we had collected over time. And that jogging of memory comes from questioning. Socrate gives this example by talking to a young slave boy. He draws a square in the sand and asked the boy series of questions like “It has all these four sides equal?” and “And these lines which go through the middle of it are also equal?” (Moore) The boy had answered each question with a right answer. Socrate had brought up the point to Meno that with out the series of questions that jogged the boys memory that the boy would not have gone out and found the information on his own, but when someone asked him the question that the knowledge then would come back. I would have to say that I am probably twenty, seventy fiver percent with socrate. Twenty five percent following socrate. There is information that is wired into our DNA, but not everything. I say that seventy fove percent that I don’t follow socrate theory is because we take in so much infromation as a baby, young child that we don’t even know it. Some children are exposed to more then others and it some times shows. The more that a child is exposed to the more they learn. That is why they say exposing a young child to another language is the best because they will learn it faster along with remember better. If I could of asked Socrate one question about his theory I think it would have been: If you ask the right questions in the right order wouldn’t everyone be able to answer even the most complicated of questions? The way that Socrate was asking the questions anyone that has a general knowledge could have answered the questions correctly....
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