Topics: Weather, Extreme weather, Flood Pages: 5 (541 words) Published: January 31, 2013
Unit 2, Topic 1: Extreme Weather (Unit 2 is 40% total AS marks, 20% total GCE marks)

Extreme Weather includes a range of phenomena that involve extremes of temperature, precipitation, wind and atmospheric pressure. They in turn develop from a variety of meteorological conditions. This topic looks at how extreme weather events lead to immediate, subsequent and longer term hazards. Storms, river floods and drought clearly illustrate the environmental, social and economic impacts of extreme weather 0 impacts that are closely related to the type of hazard involved and the economic situation of those affected. Risks from extreme weather such as flooding are increasing and much of this is our fault. If extreme weather conditions are becoming more frequent and more severe, then tougher, fairer and more intelligent decisions will need to be taken in both the short and longer term.

Fieldwork opportunities include a weather log, flood impacts survey, flood/drought risk assessments and flood management assessments. Research work could relate to weather records, satellite images, hurricane data, and use of various management strategies.

|Topic Title |Enquiry Question |What students need to learn |Teaching and learning activities |Resources and fieldwork opportunities | |1 Extreme Weather |What are the extreme weather |There is wide variety of extreme (severe or unexpected) | | | |watch |conditions and how and why do|weather phenomena. | | | | |they lead to extreme weather | | | | | |events? | | | | | | |Fieldwork and research, using a weather diary and synoptic | | | | | |maps, into meteorological conditions (air masses, pressure | | | | | |systems and fronts) which can influence changes in | | | | | |temperatures, precipitation and winds. These lead to | | | | | |contrasting weather events such as the development of a | | | | | |depression or seasonal anticyclones. | | | | | |Contrasting examples of how extreme weather conditions | | | | | |develop such...
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