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3. What is “body art”? What forms of body art are present in your home place (Macau or China)? What are some of the possible uses and meanings of this form of expression as you understand them? Briefly discuss at least one form of body art, making connections between what you observe and what you learned from this chapter in Nanda and Warms. First, I want to introduce the definition of “body art”. According to Nanda and Warms, body art means that making and adorning the body as an expressing of cultural and personal identity, or which serves other function. For example, in many cultures, body art is associated enhancing beauty, and thus related to gender. But actually, body art have a long history and popular until now. One form of body there is many different meanings and expressions between each countries and culture backgrounds, if you want to learn more exactly, you should know them. Personally, I am a new migrant that from mainland china to Macau, I lived in China for 17 years and I have been lived in Macau for nearly 6 years, so both the mainland china and Macau I can learn some information. I prefer to talk about fewer situations in mainland china, but more focus on Macau situation. There are many similar forms of body art present in mainland china and Macau, the most popular form of body art is slimming (or keep fit) and make-up. In my point of view, slimming can separate two different ways between man and woman. Man is want to become look like more powerful and strong, then they need to keep fit and take many exercises in order to show their muscle, especially show to the lady. Because have a strong body and much muscle is give a very health and sense of safety image to the lady. In other word, it can contribute to male enhancement charm. But woman almost in order to become beauty and look like good, no matter mainland china and Macau, the cultural mainstream is slimmer will become more beautiful. So the...
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