How the 5 Major Weather Systems Could Effect Building an Arena in Jacksonville Florida

Topics: Wind, Thunderstorm, Tornado Pages: 3 (1087 words) Published: December 29, 2011
In Jacksonville Florida we experience five major types of severe weather storms. The five severe storms that are experienced are hurricanes, thunderstorms, flash floods, lightning, and tornadoes. If we were to build in arena in Jacksonville then the chances that one of those severe weather storms will hit that area are quit high. Hurricanes are also called typhoons in the western Pacific and cyclones in Australia and the Indian Ocean. Hurricanes form over tropical oceans; they need the warm air and the wind from the ocean to form. When a hurricane finally forms it spins in a circular motion and in the middle of the storm is where you will find the “eye” of the storm, the eye is where you will find the calmest part of the storm. Hurricanes have very low pressure systems. The storms usually have wind speeds of 120 km/h or higher, they can sustain winds up to 350 km/h.Florida’s hurricane seasons usually last between August and October. Every season at least one named storm makes landfall in Florida. Hurricanes can be very dangerous; they kill an averaged number of 17 people per year nationwide. And injure and averaged number of 60 people per year nationwide. Hurricanes also often leave a very big path of destruction behind them; the amount of destruction depends on the category level the hurricane is in. Hurricanes are just like thunderstorms, except with high wind speeds and more rain fall, so they appear like a thunderstorm, so you would prepare the same way you would for a thunderstorm, meaning you find shelter, keep and extra supply of water and non-perishable foods nearby, and avoid the outside as much as possible. During a hurricane you should try and find a room with little to no windows or doors and stay in there until it is safe, a closet or bathroom is advised. Thunderstorms are just like hurricanes just not as destructive or massive, but that doesn’t mean they are any less dangerous. Thunderstorms are created by different types of fronts, the front...
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