Sociocultural Factors Pest Analysis Russia

Topics: Demography, Russia, Population Pages: 2 (428 words) Published: March 25, 2012

I would like to talk about the high mortality rate in Russia. In 2011 the death rate was 13.5 deaths out of 1000 people. The birth rate is 12.6births out of 1000 people. But the major problem is not the aging population but the cause of death in 2010. 56% of all deaths in Russia were caused by cardiovascular diseases. As you know red bull has been blamed for its bad effects on cardiovascular system (it increases heart rhythm troubles, blood pressure, tachycardia…). So it could be a drawback for our product since it could arise health concerns and give a bad image of our company. Let’s have a look at the Age Structure in Russia. The people between 0-14y represent 14.9% of the population. The 15-64 years 71.8% and 65 and over 13.3% according to figures released in 2009. As we can see of this pyramid the major part of Russian are aged between 18 and 30. These figures fit perfectly with the market target of the company since the main target of red bull product is teens and young adults. Finally concerning demographics let’s have a closer look at the distribution of the Russian population. We can notice that the population is massively concentrated in the west of the country mostly in Moscow, St Petersburg and Samara. But a lot of regions are mainly uninhabited because of the climate and the hard weather conditions. So it would be better for the red bull firm to skilfully choose the place they want to establish in.


Russians are world-renowned for their sporting ability, and the country has produced many champions in the Olympics and other international sporting events. Sports which are especially popular in Russia include football, ice hockey and tennis. As you know, red bull organizes a lot of sport events and is usually associated with sport.

Attitude towards foreign products and services:

Because of history, a lot of Russian are said to be people who don’t really like neither the US nor Western Europe. “The obvious...
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