Analatical Report on Energy Drinks

Topics: Red Bull, Energy drink, Energy drinks Pages: 4 (1096 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Date: November 30
Subject: Analytical Reports of Energy Drinks

In the pursuant of investigating the effect of energy drinks, this report investigates two highly popular energy drinks in the market, Red Bull and Monster Energy. it discuss the problem of the possible harmful ingredient in this energy drink which are popular among teenagers and young adults and establish a criteria for the least harmful energy drinks. It then evaluates the two companies and presents a recommendation based on the evaluation.

Red Bull was founded by Austrian company Red Bull GmbH, after the rebranding of Thai pre-existing popular energy drink called Krating Daeng. He modified the existing ingredient to accommodate western taste in energy drinks. Red Bull is considered the most popular energy drinks in the world with sales of 4.631 billion can in 2011(Sales of $2.95 billion, Table 1.1)

Monster Energy was founded by Hansen Natural Company in 2002 with 27 varieties of drinks ranging from energy drinks to fruit drinks which all include caffeine. Monster Energy is the second most popular drinks behind Red Bull on the market, but has slowly won over the taste of people with their fruit-flavor drinks over the recent years, with 34.8% of the market share compare to 29.5% of the market share for Red Bull.

With the success of this two energy drinks, FDA is still investigating the risks associate with popular energy drinks, such as Red Bull, Monster and 5-Hour Energy, which has lead a combining death reports of 18 people and 150 injuries due to the consumptions of this energy drinks. Although the FDA could not prove that these products are the main problem for this death, they still find it unsafe for consumptions.

Problem: Caffeine Long-term harmful effect

In the effort to get a boost of energy...
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