Ethical Issues by Red Bull

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  • Published : September 19, 2011
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Ethical Issues Encountered by Red Bull

Red Bull has successfully implemented marketing strategies to appeal to their target market, mainly young consumers, throughout the world. This product is popular globably, and is sold in bars, night clubs and supermarkets. Red Bull may claim to “give you wings” but drinking too much of the popular energy drink may also lead to heart damage, as study suggests. Red Bull has repeatidly denied that their product is not dangerous and hazardous to the body. In a statement, it said that Red Bull had been proved safe by “numerous scientific studies”, and that it had never been banned from anywhere it had been introduced.

There has been much controversy surrounding its consumption which had resulted in its ban in many countries, namely Norway, Denmark and Uruguay because of their health fears. In Sweden, the drink could only be sold in pharmacies as the product was considered a medicine and therefore classified as a drug. Sweden’s National Food Administration adopted this policy following the incident of a young woman who had consumed the product with alcohol and suffered from dehydration resulting in death. Greek health officials issued a warning to avoid mixing Red Bull with alcohol as a death was linked in Hong Kong, where a British man mixed it with vodka and had later died. Linda Rychter, a spokeswoman for Red Bull in Australia, said that the report would be assessed by the company’s head office in Austria. She also said, and I quote, “The study does not show effects which would go beyond that of drinking a cup of coffee. Therefore, the reported results were to be expected and lie within the normal physiological range,” she added. She also responded by asserting that, and I quote “the company does not promote mixing the product with alcohol.” Austria is among the few countries where warning labels on the product exist. Labels on cans require the health warning, “this drink is not recommended for children, pregnant women...
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