Socialized Tuition and Financial Assistance Program: Application for Financial Assistance

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  • Published : March 21, 2012
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University of the Philippines Application for Financial Assistance under the Socialized Tuition and Financial Assistance Program (STFAP) Alphabetic Bracketing Scheme
UP STFAP Form AB-1 Version 1.06 03/09

This form may be photocopied or downloaded from the U.P. STFAP website: Printed forms are available for a nominal amount. To qualify for financial assistance, the student must: 1. Be a Filipino citizen. 2. Be a bona fide undergraduate student. Except for Law or Medicine, the applicant must not have a bachelor’s degree. For an incoming freshman or new student, the applicant must have a U.P. Admission Slip. 3. Never have been adjudged guilty of any offense that carries a penalty of more than thirty- (30) days suspension. 4. Be in need of financial assistance as determined by the University. Important Notes 1. The grant shall be for one academic year, renewable annually. 2. The University reserves the right to determine whether the student deserves financial assistance, and the kind and amount of assistance. 3. STFAP privileges will be withdrawn from a student who withholds and/or falsifies information, without prejudice to other penalties that may be imposed by the University. Some students have already been expelled or suspended from the University for withholding and/or falsifying information in their STFAP application. 4. All information supplied by the student will be treated with strict confidentiality and will be for the internal use only by the University.


Part A.Instructions and Checklist Instructions 1. This application form is for use in the manual application process. If you want to apply online, access STFAP Online at 2. The application form must be filled out by the student and the parent/legal guardian/ spouse. 3. Print all entries legibly. Place a check mark or a cross inside the box of the appropriate response. 4. Avoid erasures. For each erasure, the applicant must countersign the item corrected on the page margin. 5. Answer all questions and fill up all items. If the question requires a numerical response and the answer is None, write 0. When the question is not applicable to your situation, write NA. Do not leave any item blank. 6. Attach photocopies of the documents/materials in the following checklist to your accomplished application form. Present the originals of the documents for verification when you submit your application. Non-submission of applicable documents/materials may be considered withholding of information. 7. Submit the accomplished application to the designated student affairs office of your constituent university/campus on or before the deadline. Checklist of Required Documents/Materials     1. One (1) 2” × 2” picture taken within the last three months, with the applicant’s name and student number printed on the back, stapled on Page 3 of this form. 2. Birth certificate of the applicant. 3. Income Tax Return (ITR) of the applicant for the previous year, if employed. 4. Income Tax Returns of the applicant’s parents/legal guardian/spouse for the previous year. If unemployed or exempt, submit the BIR Certification of Exemption from non-filing of ITR or Municipal Certification of Unemployment. 5. Income Tax Returns of other gainfully employed members of the applicant’s household for the previous year. 6. Affidavit of support from legal guardian, if applicable. 7. Marriage certificate if the applicant is married. 8. Personal Statement of Assets and Liabilities of the applicant’s parent/legal guardian/ spouse. Use Page 12 of this application form. 9. Latest Tax Declarations of all real properties. 10. Assessment form or statement of account or certification from high school regarding the amount of school fees paid by the applicant for fourth year high school (for private high schools only). 11. Assessment form or statement of account or certification from college/university regarding the amount of school fees paid by the applicant...
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