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Social Studies S.B.A on Sexual activities amongst Jamaican Teenagers| Why so many Jamaican teenagers are having sex?|

Why are so many Jamaican teenagers sexually active?


I wish to thank my Social Studies teacher Mr. Reid for giving me the go ahead on this S.B.A.

I also wish to thank my parents for providing me with the needed supplies to ensure that this Social Studies S.B.A would be completed. Special thanks go to Samaya Johnson, Tajey Johnson and Javone Rowe, for keeping me up in the nights to complete this S.B.A.

Table of contents
Title page 2 Acknowledgement 3 Aim of project 5 Topic selected 6 Research question and statement of topic 6

Instrument used 6 Justification of method used 6 The questionnaire 7 Procedure 11 Limitations of the questionnaire 11 Presentation of data 12 Explanation of data 14 Analysis of data 14 Justification 15 Conclusion of conclusion 15 Recommendations 16

Aim of Study
* What is the average age at which a teenager loses their virginity? * Why are so many teenagers having sex?
* Are persons still following the marriage before sex tradition? * How does the parent of a teenager react when they find out their child is pregnant?

Why are so many teenagers sexually active?

Statement of the problem

Teenagers having sex has changed the behavior of many teenagers. When one participates in sexual activities it shows that they are mature and ready to become parents or even may take the risk of contracting a STD; for contraceptives are not always available to underage children. In the community of Cross Roads, Jamaica it is very obvious that many teenagers are having sex and taking the risk of becoming pregnant every day.

Instrument used

The research instrument used to collect data was the questionnaire.

Justification of Method used

The questionnaire was used because it was felt it allowed the respondent adequate time to respond. It also allowed respondents to have a sense of privacy which it was hoped would encourage them to give honest answers.

Please tick (√) the correct box:

* Age: ◊ 10-13 ◊ 14-16 ◊ 17-19 ◊ 20

* At what age did you lose your virginity?
* ◊ 10-12 ◊ 13-15 ◊ 16-18 ◊ 19-20

* So you believe in marriage before sex?
* ◊ Yes ◊ No

* Which of the birth control methods below are you mostly familiar with? * ◊ Pills ◊ Condoms ◊ Injections ◊ IUD ◊ Rhythm ◊ Abstain

* Do your parents know that you are not a virgin?
* ◊ Yes ◊ No

* Do you have more than one sexual partner?
* ◊Yes ◊No

* Why are you having sex?
* ◊ To fit in with friends
* ◊ That’s the only time that you feel wanted
* ◊ It was your decision

* How would your parents react if you became pregnant as a teenager? * ◊ Shameful ◊ Surprised ◊ Angry ◊ Happy

* Are you concerned of how a person will think of you after you have sex with them? * ◊ Yes ◊ No

* Do you regret losing your virginity?
* ◊ Yes ◊ No

1. Age
Age of respondents | No. of respondents | % of respondents |...
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