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The forces that contributed to the cultural makeup of early civilization varied amongst different cultures. Some of the forces that contributed to the makeup of early civilization would be geographical locations, demographic, agriculture, religion, culture/tradition, and the availability of natural resources. Civilizations develop when the environment of a region can support a large and productive population (Sayre, 2012 p. 2). For example, geography mainly contributed because it was a determining factor in what the culture would do such as farming and hunting for means of survival. But also in combination with this; religion would be one the most powerful contributor in early civilization, since it would determine on how the culture would live in specific geographical locations.

Various social issues arose because of the diversity of cultural makeup. Spiritual wars, conquest, invasion over land and power were known to carry the political aspect on how different cultures and their spirituality/religious beliefs influenced conflict between other cultural groups. This, like every other force that contributed, was the result of social issues. In addition, economic development also resulted as a problem that threatened many civilizations.

The main cultural influence in early civilizations was religion and spirituality. In early civilizations, the beliefs of gods, goddesses and rituals, were a strong and natural influence to the environment that significantly affected their way of life and cultural behavior. These were very common to the civilizations and critically important to them since it was something they depended on passing down from generation to generation.

Revisionist history, in what I would consider calling “the truth of a past event” or “the process of discovering the truth of a past event.” It is always quite interesting and educating to see history evolve new information and different...
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