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  • Published: October 18, 2011
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Statement of Problem

* Topic: An investigation into the level of awareness as it relates to ‘Sexually Transmitted Diseases’ among teenagers in the Bridgeport Community. * Sub Questions: (i) What are the factors that causes teenager’s to be unaware of Sexually Transmitted Diseases? /(ii) What are the effects of Sexually Transmitted Diseases? (iii) What are the possible solutions as to educate teenagers about Sexually Transmitted Diseases?
Reason for Selecting Area of Research

The researcher chose this area of research to see how aware teenagers are about Sexually Transmitted Diseases and also observed that a lot of teenage girls in this particular community are pregnant for teenage boys. Sexually Transmitted Diseases is a result of unprotected sex and teenagers often times do not know the risks of doing same.

Method of Investigation

In order to collect the data from the survey, the researcher decided to use printed questionnaires which were distributed to teenagers in the Bridgeport Community. The questionnaire as a tool for collecting data has a number of advantages:- * It requires little time to be completed.

* It can be done at the convenience of the person required to have it completed. * An immediate...
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