Sex Education

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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Question 1 Which Taking Sides “Readings” did you select for this assignment? I decided to summarize the “yes” reading from Issue 9.
Question 2 Write a one paragraph summary of the Taking Sides reading you selected. Aida Orgocka (2004) states that there is one in five children in the US that live in an immigrant household, and they face a lot of challenges in obtaining information about sexuality. Aida investigated how the interaction between Muslim immigrant mothers and their daughters shaped the daughters’ decisions about sexual conduct. She states that Muslim mothers are considered responsible for girls’ sexual conduct, discussion of issues related to sexuality takes the form of moral interdiction and limits on outside influences, including SBSE programs. Aida found that while SBSE classes were informative, they marginalized Muslim immigrants girls’ decisions and experiences to not engage in premarital sex by assuming that most adolescents engage in sex. She believes that although, SBSE may be attempting to address the various needs of immigrant youths, findings indicated that they have not yet adequately reached the Muslim community.

Question 3 Identify a presentation in the “popular” media of the same general topic as was covered in the Taking Sides reading you summarized (including books, articles, blogs, videos, etc.). Provide enough information for someone else to be able to find this presentation on their own (i.e, citation, website url) The title for the popular media I selected is "Carnal knowledge: The sex ed debate". The article is from, written by Molly Masland and published in 2012. The URL is:

Question 4 Write a short paragraph describing the "Popular" Media Presentation you selected. Molly Masland (2012) states that 66% of American high school students have had sex by their senior year. Molly believes that young people face a...
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