Social Studies Sba

Topics: Teenage pregnancy, Pregnancy, Adolescence Pages: 9 (2352 words) Published: December 2, 2012
School Based Assessment

Subject: Social Studies
School: Willowdene High School
Candidate #:
Teacher: Mrs. Mitchelle
Year: 2012

Acknowledgements (1) Introduction (2) Statement of the problem (3) Research question

* What are the causes of teenage pregnancy? (3)
* How does the problem impact the lives of the teenagers? (4) * What can be done to correct this problem? (5)
Reason for selecting area (6)
Method of Investigation (6) Instrument used to collect Data (7-11)
Procedures used to collect Data (12)
Presentations and Explanation of Data
Interpretation of Data


INTRODUCTION Greater Portmore is a large community in the parish of St. Catherine, which is located in the county of middle sex, Jamaica. One of the sectors of Greater Portmore called Sabina Park is where I interviewed some of the teenage mothers living in the area.

For the past sixteen years I have been a resident of Sabina Park. During my time here I have discovered that a number of teenage girls who were suppose to be at a secondary level are not attending school and this disturbs me a lot. I have notice the lack of father figures in most of the teenage mother’s houses in my community, this is so because the fathers refuse to take responsibilities for their children which resulted into single mothering where the child has to grow without his/her father. I have also observed a standard of low living where teenage mothers were not able to go back to school because of the post-natal care of their children and how their pregnancy affected them educationally. This caused them to be unemployed and nondependent. I have therefore decided to perform a survey to examine the cause, effect and solution of teenage pregnancy in Sabina Park, Greater Portmore.

Task 1 Statement of the problem How does teenage pregnancy contribute problems to themselves and there babies? Research questions

1. What are the causes of teenage pregnancy? (cause)
Obviously the cause for pregnancy is no use or the misuse of protection. Children under the age of 18 should abstain. So why do teenagers have sex? Why don’t they use protection? Most pregnant teenagers were pressured into having sex. They were so young and naive they thought, and even believed, that they loved so much that they couldn’t say no to the male and would do anything to please him. Boys would tell the girls what they wanted to hear. They would use flattery and vain promises to lure her. If a guy is handsome, looks neat, have a lot of cash and even say the words, “I love you” on the first date, would drive some girls crazy turning a million “no’s” into one yes! Most times this would disillusion them from seeing that they were being used. When the males are forcing a girl to do something they do not do it aggressively, they take the time to study her, find out her weakness, and aim. In a number of cases, they did not intend to get the girl pregnant. They just wanted to urgently get what they came for in the relationship. Hence, the non –use or misuse of protection. Some girls are otherwise forced into early sexual activities, resulting in teenage pregnancies, either by choice or by “design”. Some, due to inadequacy of basic financing, either choose to or are forced by parents to do so.

2. How does the problem impact the lives of the teenagers? (effect)

Due to the fact that teenage pregnancy occurred at the Secondary Education...
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