Socio-Economic Status Affecting the Early Teenage Pregnancy

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Chapter I
The Problems and its Background

National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy says that teenage pregnancy is occurring in an adolescent girl between the ages of 13 to 18. Socioeconomic is one factor in which is the social and economic experiences that help mold one's personality, attitudes, and lifestyle. It can also define regions and neighborhoods. Socioeconomic factors also include the ethnicity, and sense of community. Socioeconomic status is based on family income, parental educational level, parental occupation, and social status in the community. Families with low socioeconomic status often have less success in preparing their young children for school because they typically don’t have access to promote, support young children's development, and provide them with everything they needed. ( Family is another factor. Studies have shown that girls raised in poverty, in single-parent homes, and by parents with lower levels of education are more likely to be pregnant and to be adolescent mothers. The Kids Count in Michigan Data Book states that low income has great risk for adolescent pregnancy. Teenagers who are uneducated about sex are more likely to have an unintended pregnancy. A disturbing number of adolescent mothers have a history of sexual or physical abuse. Rape can directly cause pregnancy in young women which can indirectly increase the risk of adolescent pregnancy. ( Tens often feel pressure to make friends and fit in with their peers during adolescence. Many times these teens let their friends influence their decision to have sex even though they do not fully understand the consequences associated with it. Teenagers have sex as a way to appear cool and sophisticated, but in some cases it ends up in unplanned teen pregnancy. (

Stated by Aureau Walding (2010), teen girls are more likely to get pregnant if they have limited or no guidance from their parents. Many parents have busy lives that prevent them from providing the guidance and support that their young teenagers need to make good decisions on issues such as sex, according to the website Parent Dish. When a teen does not feel that she can talk to her parents about sex either because they forbid sex talk or because they are not around, she will more than likely turn to friends for direction on whether or not to have sex, resulting in misinformation and possible teen pregnancy. According to Preventing Sexual Risk Behaviors and Pregnancy among Teenagers, teenagers who have a low occurrence involvement in religious activities are more likely to experience teen pregnancy. Involvement in religious activities is one of the strongest factors related to a later sexual debut (including waiting until marriage). Teen drinking can also cause an unexpected pregnancy. Many teens experiment with drugs and alcohol which lowers a teen's ability to control her impulses. Although they were drinking at the time, they did not originally plan to have sex when they conceived, according to Dr. R. Y. Langham (2010). Clearly, adolescent parenthood is often "caused" by limited life options, the experience of poverty, poor educational aspirations, violence, peer pressure, absence of parents, teenage drinking and many more as stated by By Dr. R. Y. Langham (2010). Statement of the Problem

This study is design to find out the Effects of Socio-Economic Status to the Early Teenage Pregnancy in Sambat, Purok IV, Brgy. Sto Angel, San Pablo City.
Particularly, this study seeks to answer the following sub problems: 1. What is the profile of the respondents in term of:
a. Age;
b. Religion;
c. School; and
d. Education Attainment
2. What is the Socio-Economic Status that affects Early Pregnancy? 3. Does the socio-economic status significantly related to early teenage pregnancy in Sambat, Purok IV, Brgy. Sto Angel, San Pablo City?...
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