Abortion. Should This Be Legal?

Topics: Pregnancy, Abortion, Birth control Pages: 2 (669 words) Published: March 22, 2013
Brittany Minix
Project Two: The Editorial
English 1050
1 February 2013
Should This Be Legal?
Since before 1973, abortion has been allowed, but over the years, there has been great controversy over whether abortion should be legal or illegal. Many individuals believe that abortion should be eliminated. Should people be wondering about this? The thought of an innocent woman carrying a sick stranger’s child is heinous, but rape is not the only situation when people consider abortion. Sometimes, a woman will unexpectedly get pregnant. Should that woman have to deal with the consequences or should she be able to decide whether she wants to keep the child or not? All of these are questions that people should consider when setting their beliefs about abortion. With all of the floating predicaments about people’s beliefs, it is hard for individuals to decide whether they are for or against abortion. When people think of abortion, one of the first thoughts that pop into their heads is rape. People argue that rape is the main cause of a woman getting an abortion, but according to Frank A. Pavone, “Of all the abortions performed in America, fewer than 1% are because of rape,” (Rape and Abortion). This should be a major contributor in the decisions of people’s opinions about abortion. This statistic shows that the majority of women who are faced with the choice of abortion are doing it because it is their own consequence. The remaining percentage women choosing to get abortions are due to things like a medical problem with the child, or just her choice in general. But what some people might not know is that most of the pregnancies these days, are not even planned. According to Stanley K. Henshaw,“49% of all pregnancies of women are unintended,” (Family Planning Perspectives). In most cases, this occurs with teenage girls because they do not have the proper education about having safe sex. The parents of the teenager think that the teen is not ready; both emotionally,...
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