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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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Essay plan:
Definition of rubbish
Meaning of value
Consumer society
Thompson theory
Stevengraph paintings

Rubbish is something that has no value or been disvalued (Making Social Lives p.105). Rubbish is something that nobody want or need. It appears simple but the term value is in fact quite a complex term. Value means how useful something is. An item has a value because it is valued by people who use them. If an item is regarded to as rubbish it is mainly because people disvalued them, and not necessarily because it has lost its value and not because it is in itself worthless. If an item is rubbish for one person, it can still be useful to someone else. There are a number of uses for the word value. Value is something that is useful or it add value overtime. Something that interest people. Rubbish is also a part of consumption. There has been a definite increase in household rubbish. There is more demand for consumption, more need for packaging material and it leads to more waste. In 2006/07 the average household rubbish was 508kg/person, whereas in 1983/84 it was 397kg/ person. (Defra 2007). The increase in household rubbish down to a number of factors. One of these is the definite increase in mass consumption, as shopping became a big part of people daily life. It is due to the fact that Supermarkets offer a much wider range of product than it offered years ago. An example for this household appliances that make everyday life easier, makes it easier to do household chores, especially for woman who return to work. Woman returning to work has an economical value. Our Society became a consumer Society instead of Industrial Society where consumption is more about buying goods to satisfy basic needs for example cloths and food. that was some 30 years ago. The consumer society we live in today, offers us a wide and varied choice. In a consumer society is more about what we are into and why we consume the way we consume. People...
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