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  • Published : May 16, 2012
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Strategic Choice and Evaluation of Walt Disney Company
Many factors come to play when managing and analyzing an entertainment dynasty such as the Walt Disney Company (WDC). Top managers strategically analyze the company’s value through their consumers and stakeholders. There are numerous strategies companies uptake and follow by. The author will discuss WDC’s best value discipline, generic, and grand strategies including their components. The author will also recommend strategies that will aid in WDC’s goal of growth and increased profits (Pearce Robinson, 2011). Best Value Discipline

The term value contains many meanings. In simple terms, value pertains to importance, usefulness, and desirability. Value may also pertain to the customer’s view on a company’s product and its use (Pearce Robinson, 2011). Value is important in developing a relationship between an organization and its consumer. Best value discipline encompasses three points that are important in value-thinking organizations. They are the following: customer value, customer intimacy, and product leadership (Treacy, & Wiersema, 1992). The Walt Disney Company (WDC) collaborate the points of best value discipline into one value. Walt Disney had idealistic views and values that are still incorporated into the company. The following are WDC’s values: innovation, quality, community, storytelling, decency, and optimism (The Walt Disney Company, 2012). WDC believes in positive values that create strong and positive traditions. Every product sold tells a story, and Walt Disney World is a place where dreams come true, a welcoming home (Treacy, & Wiersema, 1992). WDC value their consumers and stakeholders treating them as “guests”. The company also focuses their marketing on creating emotions. They advertise joy and family bonding in their commercials creating a personal relationship.

Generic Strategy
There are three areas of generic strategy a business can abide. They are the...
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