Pollution-Is There a Solution?

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  • Published : July 22, 2010
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Human Beings belong to a species that poisons its own habitat. If we think of our planet as a spaceship then we are the new and all other species are passengers. In general we behave irresponsibly .Earth’s atmosphere forms a protective cocoon around our spaceship, storing and recycling essential elements such as carbon and oxygen. Humans fill the air with pollution that turns the rain acidic and threatens to alter the climate pollution from and fossil and nuclear fuels, from industry and agriculture is slowing poisoning not only in the air but also the land and water that we share with other living beings.

How pollution acts as a major problem to the environment

Because of our carelessness, many people, animals, and plants suffer. One thing is pollution. We can create pollution in a number of ways like: 1.Harmful gases given out by factories in water and cars in air 2.Burning of coal and oil.

3.Constant noise pollution may lead to deafness.
4.Chemicals used as fertilizers for some plants can also pollute the soil. Waste Generation
In factories, offices, hotels and restaurants, as well as in our homes, we produce lots of rubbish. Over a year, this builds up into a huge problem. All rubbish must be put somewhere. Most of it is buried in old quarries or sites, and this level out the land. When the site is full, it is covered over and often used as building land. But that is not the end of the story. Underground, the rubbish breaks down and rots. It produces an explosive gas called methane. This may escape to the surface. The rotting rubbish seeps into the ground and pollutes water supply.

How are rivers polluted?

Most river pollution comes from industry. Acid rain, caused by gases from factory chimneys, falls into lakes and streams. Chemical waste from factories and warm water from power stations may be pumped straight in to the river.

We can clean up our water. If we find better ways to get rid of...
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