Social Report on Kailashdham

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:Main Director

Shri Arjunsingji S. Rathod

Mrs. Kailashbaa A. Rathod,

Kailashdham,Mahudi road,



Main institute:

Surevdha Chaparada,

Visavdar, Dist.Junagadh


History of kailash Dham

• Kailashdham Ashram’s inspiration and guider are saint shree muktanandji babu’s guru Brahmaalin Bhagvatinandji and Dadaguru shree Gopalnandji.

• Shree Muktananaji babu stays at chaprada village near junagadh between sasan gir forest.

• Then they started education institution, social activities in different field for poor students providing all necessary things including food facility , resident facility, learning without any charge.

• Kailashdham started at Ghandhinagar with the inspiration of shri Muktanandji babu. The daughter of Vaghela darbar and wife of Mr.Arjunsing Rathod. Mrs Kailash Rathod has established a institute by requesting and given a big piece of their land for these welfare activities at Pethapur in Ghandhinagar. The name of this ashram “Kailashdham” decided on Mrs. Kailashbaa Rathod.

• Mr. Arjun Rathod doing his job at Gujarat state police departement as a big reputed police officer since many years. Though Mr.Arjunsing Rathod has been offered good residential facility by the government, they like to stay at “Kailashdham” ashram so that they can devote their full life for mankind as well as society welfare activity with the bottom of the heart.

• Apart from Ghandhinagar they have established these institute at Ahmedabad, Mehsana, Mansa etc areas.

• The people from different places like Viramgam, Dholka, Valsad, Ahmedabad, Mansa, Surat different place of Gujarat and Mumbai, Maharashtra, Rajasthan have come and stay having different cast and region.

There are total 78 old person as 40 men and 38 women stay at ashram including

• 37 old person - average age of 65years

• 22 old person - average age 70-75 years

• 15 old person - 80 years

• 2 old person - 85 years

• 2 old person - 90 years

• 34 old person can read and write

• 44 of them are illiterate while 7 of them are handicape.

Mr.Arjunsing Rathod and Mrs. Kailashbaa have decided one rule at the time establishment of ashram that is “whatever they get from outside the organization, like charitable trust or other institution from their side they shall accept but don’t approach for asking the charity. Whatever they have, they provide these facility from their own property or fund.”

However there never required any financial assistance if it is, there are many institute as well as many people who always be there to provide their help at any time by providing food, cloth, sweets, and other assistance.



Aharam’s services :

1. All old person at ashram given food facility, snack , medicines , television facility apart of this also arranged the tour facillity arrangement at different time interval for refreshment.

2. All the facility are given free of charge.

3. Have also established Aarya gurukul.

4. Healthcare centre, kemps at different place especially at the time of natural calamities the relief by providing medicine cloth and other assistance effected people.

5. Cattle camp

Groupe marriage has been arranged for poor girls have come from different cast and region.

6. Provide proper resident space, garden , temple for the refreshment of mind.

7. They have shown their interest towards mankind , social...
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