Summary of Autobiography of a Yogi

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India, an ancient civilization is well known to be the cradle of a rich and perpetual heritage. The pristine land has always throbbed with the vibrancy of the originality, creativity and self motivated activities of its illumined souls. Their deep, original and sublime thoughts have presented to the world, distinctive gifts of knowledge, be it be in language, values, religion, philosophy, art, business, mathematics, astrology, medicine, surgery much more and beyond; a unique universal heritage, and an eternal formulae to a calm way of life. The masters have successfully sought to give answers to all the queries that are bound to pop up in the mind of every human being at some point of time in their life on earth. They have unraveled the ultimate mysteries that surround life, death and afterlife. The peerless Vedas, the Vedanta i.e. the Upanishads and the Puranas are a treasure trove of great learning and unveiled deep secrets. They have provided Godly guidance to human life at every moment in time and space ever since they were first recorded, centuries ago. These texts contain the essential summaries that form the doctrinal basis of Hindu religion. In the league of such a legacy, modern India continues to produce spiritual masters as was done so in every era. Their role on earth is to guide the not so enlightened souls who often loose their way in the mayhems of the day to day worldly activities. The spiritual vitality offered by their worshipful presence and golden words; the ever true messages expounded by illumined 'Bhaagwat Gita', has eternally held the power to rejuvenate India century after century. One such celebrated and illumined soul is Paramahansa Yoganandji. His life-story is referred to as a modern spiritual classic. It is an inspiring chronicle of the life of a true yogi, a glimpse into the training years in the hermitage of his God realized guru, and his startling description of 'cosmic consciousness' reached on the upper levels of yogic...
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