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Yoga Therapy and Addiction Recovery
Yoga perceives addition as a symptom of a reflection of the imbalance that is within the individual. Yoga has been proved to be a very effective treatment for addiction since it integrates the treatment of the spirit, body, and mind to restore the individual to a wholesome balance. It requires that those who practice it to stay still, breath and open up their senses to the environment Feuerstein, (2012). Such may include listening keenly to the surrounding, feeling the wind on ones skin and so forth. These activities induce a state of calm arousal, which allows the recovering addicts to clear their mind and to be able to respond from a clear perspective, instead of reacting to impulses and reflexes without thinking clearly. This enable the candidate to have a continued awareness that will enable the person to let loose of all negative energy, reduce the cravings and sever bad habitual patterns. The peaceful element of yoga is what makes it different from other kinds of therapy, since its poses are key in resting the mind and body. It is from the peace that the energy required by the client is harnessed. Discussion

One thing that we must all come to accept is that we all have addiction to either a great or lesser extent. Some may be too insignificant to impact our lives while other will control the victims every move. Some additions may be accommodated by the society and considered part of normal daily activities like coffee addition, while others are shunned. When the addition is a threat to the victims positive future then it is his responsibility to make effort to change (Eliade, 2009). Addiction is a symptom of turmoil within the system and treatment is often more effective by use of introspective means, before it turns to medication. The discipline yielded from the practicing of yoga has the potential to cultivate inner strength and willpower, replacing the addict’s feeling of lack of power, while improving the candidates physical condition and building on self esteem. Most importantly, yoga allows the addicts to reclaim control of their lives, reinvent, and gain insight, to indentify where they need to go and what they need to do to get where they need to go (Gambhirananda, 2008). The techniques in breathing and meditation that are taught give the client valuable tools and skills that they can use for a life time. They very effective in combating the stresses of life. These techniques can be used to reduce anxiety, diffuse depression and reduce anger and resentment in addition to restoring the feelings of serenity. These teachings could be effective to be applied anywhere to break the cycle of pressure and cravings. Various research have found out that Yoga therapy is very essential for an addict to recover . The studies reveal that, It causes an increase in the levels of GABA in the brain by at least 20percent.This is very critical especially because person that suffers from addiction usually exhibits low levels of GABA. Even if yoga increases these level for only a short duration of time then that means that people that are suffering from addiction have the opportunity to focus on getting well (Goldberg, 2010). Yoga being the unification between the mind body and spirit, includes Hatha yoga which incorporates various postures, techniques for breathing and relaxation. The physical posture facilitate detoxification, stretching and strengthening of the body, as well as teach one to listen to the messages that the body is sending (Fowler, 2012). Lessons on breathing techniques cultivates good stress management practices and harmony by relaxing mind. Through meditation, the mind is able to analyze thoughts without fear or judgment. The newly taught respite techniques relaxes the nervous system and results in a healing process. The application of life...
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