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  • Published : January 15, 2013
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“Social Networking - A reason for Decline in Human Values” Powerful new technologies provide great benefits, but they also change the way we live, and not always in ways that everyone likes. An example is the spread of air conditioning, which makes us more comfortable, but those who grew up before its invention speak fondly of a time when everyone sat on the front porch and talked to their neighbours rather than going indoors to stay cool and enjoy facebook. The declining cost of information processing and communication represents a powerful new technology, with social networking as the most recent service to be provided at modest cost. But the question is, do social networking sites really improve the quality of life? SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES: It’s the way the people communicate today! At the present scenario, we know about our friend sitting miles and miles away from us that he is suffering from cold but doesn’t know about our neighbour who is suffering from some serious disease .We have a time to update good morning messages on facebook but doesn’t have time to wish the same to the people who are actually around us. Today we are more interested in updating our status and in liking other’s pictures rather than face to face sharing of joys and sorrows with our dear ones. We are busier in poking others and making groups and committees on facebook and orkut rather than personally interacting with people. Today Birthday wishing has been restricted to writing on the person’s wall unlike older days when people used to wish the same, face to face, making the person feel really special and happy. Social networking means a way in which one can keep himself connected to his near and dear ones in some way or the other. It involves media like letter, mails, telegrams, phone calls, but today it includes media like SMSs, e-mails, scraps etc.When it comes to online social networking, websites called social sites are used. These social sites function like an online community...
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