Social Networking

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  • Published : April 9, 2011
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Social Networking
What is the quickest way to get in touch with someone? Texting, email, Facebook? To write a letter would be unheard of, even calling someone is outdated. Our new way of communicating is no longer talking one on one, or even speaking over the phone, it is now behind a computer screen or even by a touch screen cellphone. The Social Networking craze has become extremely popular in the youth today, unfortunately just like with everything else, it has its pros & cons. Black planet initially started the social network craze, but it exploded once Myspace was created, as a young teen, Myspace was the easiest way to connect with my peers. In order to be cool it was imperative to have an account. Although we were extremely young, we could be whoever we wanted on Myspace including how old we wanted to be as well. It was a place where anyone could be who they wanted to be regardless of who they actually were. Facebook, Twitter, Eharmony, Black Planet, Myspace, etc. are all examples of how we communicate. Texting has created its own language which is learned by the younger generation. The use of social networking is for publicizing to a mass population, which can have a positive as well as negative effect. Anyone & everyone can join a social network and display themselves as whoever they would like to portray. Unfortunately it is not always true; a lot of people damage themselves by updates such as statues and photos, usually based on emotions. Another negative effect, people never learn how to communicate effectively with others, or hold an actual conversation. Texting has an adverse effect as well, well texting has developed its own language, it has handicapped a lot of people especially the younger generation, and students are unable to write grammatically correct papers, or separate the texting language from actual English. While texting and emailing, it is almost impossible to distinguish emotion, which can cause an issue. If someone does not know how...
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