Social Network Service and Facebook

Topics: Facebook, Social network service, Mark Zuckerberg Pages: 8 (2828 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Katz has identified 3 general skills with relation to management namely conceptual skills, human skills and technical skills (Daft, 2010). Mark Zuckerberg as a Chief Executive Officer(CEO) has conceptual skills because he can plan for the present and the future. Zuckerberg’s decision to partner with Microsoft in an advertising deal in 2006 within the United States and subsequently internationally in 2011 has allowed Facebook to continue to grow as a technological company (Stone, 2007). Zuckerberg has also incorporated the Bing search engine within Facebook as a step to ensure Facebook’s sustainability as users can perceive Facebook as more than just a regular social networking site (Bolm, n.d.). According to Bolm (n.d.), Bing says that a huge portion of society refer to their friends before making the decision to purchase things and this phenomenon is known as the “Friend Effect”. He acknowledges that to achieve success, one must be able to work with people as well as through them. Zuckerberg management style of having a flexible workplace demonstrates his human skills as a manager (Yulianto, 2011). His ability to lead, motivate, increase and realize the potential of his employees is seen as crucial skills for a manager. The Hackathon that Zuckerberg organizes within his company allows critical as well as creative thinking. It promotes co-operation and helps build team spirit and better social connections within employees not only with themselves but as well as with the rest of the staff (Carlson, 2008). Zuckerberg is not short on technical skills either. His ability to create applications till today allows him to take a proactive role within the development of the company (Arrington, 2010). He plays a diverse number of roles within the company. He monitors the current situation from time to time. His decision to stop the advertising deal with Microsoft in 2011 shows how up-to-date he is with the latest information to enable him to make the correct decisions (Chan, 2010). Zuckerberg is responsible for most announcements with regards to new softwares or applications that are presented to the public. This role he takes highlights his responsibility as the spokesperson of the company (Robert. 2010). Besides introducing new applications, he is also responsible for making public appearances such as interviews, talk shows or even moments when apologies are needed. It shows that he is the image or face of Facebook. He also leads the company in a dynamic way. He is confident in his abilities and he is acceptably stubborn to allow progress to take place. He is not afraid to do things others might perceive to be wrong and he sticks with his decisions. However, he is willing to take responsibility for his actions and is willing to apologize when he realises his mistakes (Schonfeld, 2007). The man is also an entrepreneur as he is always thinking up of new ways to improve Facebook. He constantly updates the layout of Facebook to better suit the needs of users. He made drastic changes to the current layout as compared to the old layout to make Facebook even more interesting and user-friendly (Costine, 2011). He is not afraid to make changes and take risks even though every plan has a chance of failing.

Facebook users demand the best and expect the best. From a technological aspect, Facebook has to launch new layouts to keep the attention of their users. Innovative applications such as Phrases and Mafia Wars allow Facebook to remain popular. There are over 250 million users who access Facebook through their mobile devices (“Facebook Statistics,” n.d.). Therefore, Facebook has to ensure accessibility for these operating platforms of today’s modern era as computer are no longer the only source of access. Connecting the world requires attention to sociocultural differences. Language is of primary importance and Facebook is available in over 43 languages and is processing an additional 60. 40% of users do not...
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