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  • Published : October 17, 2011
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Rafael Mercado González

The role of a Chief Financial Officer

Abbott Laboratories.

The principal role of the Chief Financial Officer is to monitor and interpret the business financial information of the company. The CFO also leads the finance department and the key financial officers report to the CFO.

The treasurer and the controller are under his command and these two departments are possibly the most important ones for the CFO because of all the information they deliver. The treasure is in charge to manage the company’s capital structure and raising funds; meanwhile the controller is in charge to manage the budgeting and accounting of the whole business. The CFO has become the advisor and strategic partner to the CEO; he is also involved in financial policy making and corporate planning, he has responsibilities beyond financial issues, like quality management, e-commerce and he can also be member of the Board of Directors, but his mayor obligations come to maintaining the corporation financial strength and maximizing the shareholder value.

One of the most important responsibilities is communicating financial information, be an independent advisor and provide correct detailed financial information because investment analysts and shareholders rely on the CFO to provide accurate financial data.

He is the primary link to the investment community, the key job is to make sure you get the right information because markets today are very volatile and the minimum mistake would make the stocks lose value, so that the investors can make the appropriate decisions.

Corporate Finance

“Abbott Laboratories”

Teacher: Manuel Serdán Álvarez

Student: Rafael Mercado González

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