Social Media Tools in E-Commerce

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Social Media Tools in E-Commerce


As with any organization the key to success are many. It’s a matter of determining which keys fit the door of success and focus of the organization. Technology is continuously expanding therefore producing more advanced tools to better organize, communicate effectively and provide efficiently the highest quality of work output by employees. Taking on the task of assisting with the launch of a new e-commerce unit, it is important to recognize that are going to be the determining factor so success. Organizations conduct transaction on a global scale, and they must adapt to the advances in technology to compete and succeed. E-commerce will provide a platform to promote growth and development for organization worldwide. Organization use E-commerce to sell goods or services and arrange cross continental transactions. Organizations no longer sell products locally but currently their clients or customers reside in different areas of the world. Social media tools will allow the E-Commerce organization to disrupted messages to their clients and consumers regardless of where the location is. Social media tools are commonly used and most people spend several hours communicating with friends and family. The use of Social media tools will allow consumers to receive advertisements or messages frequently.

Social media tools such as Face book are used constantly and, organization can distribute message to thousands of consumers by posting information on the company’s’ page. Organization can provide discounts and sales information to consumers via Face book and communicate new products. Special offers and new locations could be communicated in real time to the consumers. Clients and customers could also respond to the messages and receive instant answers that will enhance the business relationship with the consumers. Social media will only improve customers service because of the real time responds of the customer’s needs. Determining what tool will be the most effective is dependent upon the needs, and goals put in place for an organization, based upon today’s current tools, the usage boils down to the utilization of specified tools per organization. E-commerce tools generally used are the internet, verbal conversations on the telephone or face to face, and the usage of company newsletters via physical or Intranet displayed. With numerous options the organization or the employees within must determine which tools will best accommodate certain situations. When dealing with groups of scattered employees for one organization the usage of the Internet would be ideal. In this situation each individual is in different locations from the west coast to the east coast. The ability to utilize Internet based communications such as instant chatting and video conferencing can provide a realtime response, allowing the team of employees to communicate faster. Unlike the use of traditional email through a company’s Intranet that can still be useful there is more a delay in responses with the consideration of the difference in time zones not providing as much of an open window of same time communication. This would leave the sender with waiting for the receiver to respond at their availability that may be later than sooner. Another situation that would best utilize e-commerce tool would be video conferencing. This would allow all team members or employee’s the ability to set a time to meet online to stream with video cameras to provide visual aids such as charts, graphs and the ability to communicate on real time. The third tool would be the use of company cellular phones which many distribute among their employee’s. This tool is highly effective when an individual is away from their desk or laptops. Texting is the common day form of speaking. The ability to capture an individual on a physical phone today is rare. Majority of communication is done through texting. This can provide an open window of...
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