Social Media

Topics: Sociology, Communication, Mass media Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Introduction: Social Media
Upon asking what does Social Media means? One will think that Social Media is a combination of Social and Media. Therefore, let’s see what the definition of Social is and Media. Social refers to the Interaction or Connection with the society whereas Media refers to the means of Communication that reach or influence people widely. Hence, I will conclude that Social Media is a form of technology / network platform for one to communicate, interact and for sharing of information. And these can be done by using photos, video or text. Social Media can also be claimed to be a network whereby people who are assumed to know, believe, perceive and trusted each other explicitly. I will share some case study for better understanding. Case study 1: Peter faced some computer technical error and do not know how to fix it. Hence, Peter used the internet to search for solutions. Peter was lead to a forum discussion topic “Computer Error Saviour”. Many users were discussing and sharing of information on how to solve different computer technical error there. Being lucky, Peter found a discussion posted by a user, James Error sharing of his personal experience and knowledge on the similar computer technical error Peter faced and had managed to solve the error. In the forum, James Error also had provided some guideline to follow and was rated 3.5 out of 5 stars. Peter then follow entrust the guideline and decided to follow it closely. From the case study above, Peter do not know who this James Error is and perceives that he had the solution to the computer technical error. So we can say that Peter chose to trust James Error and believed in the guideline provided regardless of having no fact that it really works. Somehow, from here we can also claim that Social Media somehow influences one’s mind. Some common examples of Social Media are Facebook, YouTube, Forum and Twitter. In modern days, technology had become part of the society whereby everyone...
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