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My Smart Phone Purchase

The competition among the smart phone brands in the Malaysian market is getting stronger day by day. When I decide to buy a smart phone, many choices out there with various options and features, many factors and limitations narrow it down to one. Comparing and deciding process leads to the final choice. The personal factor influenced the purchase decision the most. The main two specifications I’m looking for in the smart phone are: having dual sim, and the price within budget (600-700 RM).

Since I was looking for dual-sim device, iphones and HTCs were knocked out (beside the higher prices generally). Accordingly, my search limited between Samsung and local brands. Then, after I consider my limited budget, I searched for mid range category; the search narrowed down to two devices available in the market. From Samsung products I choose Ace Duos, while from local brands I choose Ninetology Stealth II i9500. In order to come out with a decision, I should choose between these two items considering many factors. The 1st choice is the Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos S6802, have a 3.5” screen, 5MP camera, 3 GB storage, 512 MB memory and a 832 MHz CPU. It is average price in the market is 650RM. While the 2nd choice is the Ninetology Stealth II i9500, have a 5” screen, 8MP camera, 3 GB storage, 512 MB memory and a 1 GHz CPU. It is average price in the market is 700RM.

Various personal factors influenced my smart phone purchase. First, my personality played a major role in influencing that purchase. I may describe myself as a humble, spiritual, friendly, sociable, active and energetic person. Such characteristics seek a durable, small size and reliable phone, which is founded in the Ace Duos much more than the Stealth II. Second, as my life style seems to be simple and not looking for luxurious items; I don’t have willing to spend much on my outer look. So, I accept the small...
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