Fret and Regret

Topics: Mobile phone, Decision theory, Economics Pages: 2 (512 words) Published: December 1, 2012
Case-1 Fret and Regret
1. Explain in detail using concepts from the course what the problem Ian is faced with.
Ian has 2 major problems; he doesnt want to use Iphone 4S instead of Galaxy S2 and he doenst want to broke Molly’s heart. First problem is about his personal taste and desires. Ian thinks that with Galaxy S2 he can benefit from extra technological advantages such as 4g, extra storage and computer remote contrale. This shows that in Ian’s opinion Galaxy S2 has better quality rather than Iphone 4S. Another reason about Ian’s preferance is Galaxy S2 has bigger screen. So in his opinion Galaxy S2 is more succesfull than Iphone about designing. In terms of technology and design Galaxy S2 seems more attractive to Ian. The fact is that these two smart phones both have comparative advantages to each other and price is the same. At this point, personal taste becomes important and that is why Ian prefers Galaxy S2. Second problem is about ethics. Molly bought expensive, usefull and one of the best smart phones; Iphone 4S to make Ian happy. She sacrifised her money and time in order to give perfect present. So if Ian exchanges the phone that would make her sad and her efforts would be in vain. 2. Should Ian change the phone or keep the phone? Again use as many concepts from the course as are relevant. Ian’s consumer behaviour depends on; brand, his personality, his girlfriend and technology. According to the case if he only considers brand and technology his choice would be Galaxy S2 for sure. But if he considers all of these points and gathers more information, rational choice would be Iphone 4S. For that reason Ian should keep the phone. He didnt give Iphone 4S enough credit and he admitted that he has distaste for apple products; proof of prejudice. Also Ian didnt do enough market research so he has some wrong informations about Iphone 4S’s technology. You can have computer remote apps and extra storage options unlike Ian’s...
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