Skills Needed in Hospitality Industry

Topics: Communication, Customer, Want Pages: 2 (459 words) Published: March 9, 2013
. Describe workplace skills necessary to be successful in hospitality and tourism industry.
There are a lot of skills need to us practice if want to be successful in hospitality and tourism industry . One of the good skills are building relationships among work colleague and customers. Creating good working relationships with the people around you is critical to the success of being able to deliver a job. It will also create family environment which make all will feel comfortable. As a example in hotel line, we need this skill to make a happy work environment. We also need always have a smiling face in this industry because its ensuring that our customers feel welcome and they will feel appreciated. And many its must have in this industry. One of important skills in hospitality and tourism is communication skills as miscommunication can result unsatisfied customer in services. Good communication can make customer satisfied and they will choose us again to provide services for them. As example if we are tour guide, when customer feel happy and satisfied how we do our job, it will make them to search us again to guide them. We need also need to have strong mentality and patient with work pressure that given. It will help us to achieve more and we can learn a lot in this industry. Its normal in this hospitality industry to entertain different of customers character and among them is hot temper customer who always will complaint but it's still will be our job to settle their problem to make them satisfy. We also need show can do attitude because the people who have a can do attitude always stand out in a manager’s eye, this could be the key to getting a promotion. It's difficult but if want more higher promotion, we must do it. We also need practice multitasking where this is an industry where we need to be able to juggle multiple tasks to save time. Another important skill which will be key to success in this industry is we must have flexibility in our job. In...
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