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Group Project, 2011

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Department Analysis3
Management Competencies4
Work Integrated Learning Relationships6
Reference List8

The importance of the concierge department has gradually surfaced as the hotel industry has constantly evolved. Likewise, practical experience for these students who have not yet graduated from universities has become more paramount than before as the requirements of this department has been increased. The development and enhancement of this department are closely linked with these employees’ competencies and these professional competencies are directly associated with practical experience. This paper is going to analyse and discuss the role of this department in a hotel. Moreover, this paper will indentify management competencies that are required within this department and will identify the relationship with Work-integrated Learning.

Department Analysis
The concierge, one of the department form Front office, has her or his own separate desk or on a special concierge floors (to advice the creative solutions to guest problems (HTI, 2011)). The concierge desk serves the valuable function of orienting hotel guests to enhance the overall standards of the hotel in terms of customer’s satisfaction.

There are a broad range of functions that concierge provides. The concierge service to their guest starts in the lobby, where the door person and the bell person help their guests to open doors and carry their luggage. During the guest’s stay in the hotel, they might ask for some services from the concierge desk. According to Walker (2010), the key function of this department is to book tickets to the hottest shows in the local area and reserve table at a popular restaurant that requires special reservation. The department is responsible for advising about interesting activities, attractions, amenities, and facilities; such as a golf club. According to (Hti, 2011), making airline ticket bookings, including reconfirmation of the flights, and serving VIP’s special requests are also the concierge department’s job. Furthermore, Walker (2010) says that a professional concierge also can organize a wedding, given there is at least two days prior notice. The concierge can even help guests to get a visa stamp in their passport and handle business affairs. The goal of the concierge is to provide the special services that distinguish a “top property” hotel from a regular hotel, and to cater a guest’s precise needs to their satisfaction (Walker, 2010).

Concierges serve to elevate a property’s marketable value and build its image. They provide the special services that make a “top property”, by knowing precisely what the guest is looking for, budget-wise, as well as any other parameters.

Concierge is a part of the rooms division and reports to the front office manager (Hti, 2011). The key internal relationship for the concierge needs all kind of cooperation from different departments within the hotel to make sure what the guests needs. In addition, concierge can be regarded as a marketing tool to expand the sales (Mills, Rudd & Flanegin, n.d). Besides, it should also focus on the regular guests and the internal relationship. The professional concierge should build a special personal relationship with the regular customers, such as knowing the needs of the guests and awareness towards the hospitality industry.

For the external relationship of the concierge, employees in this department know how to book some recreational tickets. In addition, they need to be familiar with local attractions and restaurants that are exactly what the guests want and need.

Management Competencies
There are many management competencies required within the...
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