Hospitality Supervisory and Training Skills

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The journal chosen is Acquiring Knowledge and Skills For Twenty–First Century Supervision by Kevin McManus (1995). Kevin McManus addresses the supervisor to review the skills so that to make themselves prepared for the future .The author analyzed a experience tool to identify the knowledge and skills (12KSAs) and how to design and provide a practical role transformation learning plan. It gives a overview to understand the basic concepts of supervision and lead as a successful supervisor.


The reason to chose this journal is because one should know the skills and knowledge required to be a Supervisor as supervisor acts as a link between employees and management and help in maintaining group unity by solving problems of employees which leads to harmony and success in the organization and thus, will prove to be beneficial for my future work experience in the hotel industry and in context to it Kevin McManus (1995) , explains supervisor to have a need for practicality , analyze the essential skills required and to work on values and vision personally.


Kevin McManus (1995) explains that the role transformation of a Supervisor will occur when new modified tasks are implemented in the organization and believes that skills are to be followed to contribute to the organization in the future which will provide longevity and stability to a supervisor.

The author suggests that the expectation of practice and skill learning process should be transparent and should be incorporated into personal learning plan. The plan should be followed according to the vision and development plan of the organization. The article discuss a better way of understanding the basic concepts involved in making the transformation of skills in to...
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