Skills and Learning Statement Acca

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Skills and Learning Statement

Here, I will be discussing my experience, which I have gained while working on the project:

➢ Things learnt during the meetings with Project Mentor – Mr Raj

My meetings with project mentor became a key success factor for my project. He showed me the direction from where I could start my project and reach to conclusion. Most of the meetings were held personally, which proved more effective than other sources of communication. I also managed to secure his personal contact number, which enabled me to contact him from time to time helping me solve my confusion relating to research.

• First meeting

On our first meet I did not have a clear idea with what am I going to discuss with him. I was confused, rather lost with a couple of options/ideas in terms of the project, but my mentor immediately caught my uneasiness and he himself initiated the discussion. He asked me some questions regarding my interest and objectives for choosing the particular project and spotted the ideal topic on which I should research and write a report on. This was the time when he gave me basic outlines on how should I approach the subject, the ways I should analyze it and so on. It was quite basic, but it was our first meeting, he didn’t want to put pressure on the first day.

From above, I learnt that planning should be the initial stage of any topic or subject. Even before the meeting, if I had only planned everything in advance, it would have been more productive.

• Second meeting

On this occasion I was much more organized and had a clearer idea of what I was going to talk about with him. I was more confident, which helped me initiate the discussion and ask more questions that further helped securing his trust in me. But, during the meeting, he realized that I was deviating from my subject area. Therefore he gave me certain suggestions through which I was able to draft a report structure, so that I do not go off topic yet again. Some other recommendations include approach to report, critical evaluation and conclusion.

From this meeting, I learnt how to design a project structure and how to approach the subject area, concentration being the key.

• Third meeting

This is the time when I made my first presentation, when I showed first draft through a slide show to my mentor and a group of people (mentor’s colleagues). My familiarity was limited to my mentor, which made me nervous and gradually affected my presentation in front of unfamiliar group of people. But, I managed to give my best and eventually ended up answering most of the questions asked by audience.

Since beginning, I found it too hard to make judgements and reach to conclusions from the information I gathered. As a result, project was redrafted so many times that it became very frustrating for me. Further, my mentor kept stressing on a point that is to be critical to what I wrote from the beginning to the end. He believed by being critical one can improve one’s own work, which I later realized was true.

This was a good learning part of my project, from which I learnt:

-How to present yourself in front of others.

-How to be confident when we are dealing with questions asked by audience at the time of a presentation.

-How to attract other people’s attention and make them more interested in one’s topic.

➢ Personal performance on project objectives:

In the event of data collection process, I was hoping that I have answers to all questions, but from actual analysis I realized that sometimes reality is different than what you think it is.

The preliminary source of data was the company’s annual report. The information presented in financial statements is only a summary of company's operations and financial performance, which is normally related to events, which took place in the past. Ratio analysis was used to analyse the information contained in financial statements. Both of the companies being...
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