Development of Person Centred Counselling

Topics: Emotion, Feeling, Demonstration Pages: 2 (730 words) Published: June 20, 2012
Unit One: Assignment 01
Development of person-centred counselling skills
By Joanne Graves

Make best use of the setting in which helping session takes place. Clarify with clients their understanding and expectations of the helping relationship. The area in which I used to conduct the counselling session was a communal area however I seated my client and myself away from people, windows and near the door to the room allowing maximum confidentiality. I felt it was important for my client to be able to feel comfortable allowing us to start the session with ease. Meeting and greeting a client is also important so I introduced myself and stated a contract allowing the client to understand and clarify her boundaries. When conducting the session I used an opening sentence that was empathetic and making sure that my posture demonstrated to the client that I was ready to listen. I placed the seating away from barriers such as a desk/table and placed the chairs in uniform position allowing three to four feet apart and slightly at an angle, positioning myself where I can see a clock at a glance. Identify and agree the boundaries of the relationship using appropriate skills. Explain the potential impact of yourself on the helping relationship. Develop a helping contract that relates to codes of practice or workplace policies. Review boundaries and manage the relationship within them. I made sure that the contract covered the aim of our sessions which is to provide the client with a confidential opportunity to explore their thoughts and feelings in safety. Clarifying my role as the counsellor who will help the client through the process with out judgement or telling them what to do. Explaining also how our work together will remain confidential unless I feel that either the client or someone else was in danger or at risk of harm. I also retain the right to inform an outside authority such as for example their GP or the police without prior consultation if I...
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