Skills and Learning Statement

Topics: Enterprise resource planning, Marketing, Organizational structure Pages: 7 (2137 words) Published: April 22, 2012
Skills and Learning Statement
4.1 What did I learn from the meetings with your Project Mentor, including presentation that I gave to my Project Mentor? At present, the general trend of development of e-commerce enterprise organizational structure model specific performance of the grounds of the change of the traditional pyramid-shaped hierarchical organizational model to an open network structure. The design of the organizational structure of the e-commerce businesses related to the factors of management concepts, economic systems, management systems and other aspects of the reorganization enterprise in order to thoroughly change the traditional hierarchy, must take into account the requirements of the industry and the combination of enterprise status, also should pay attention to the following question: The impact of electronic commerce on the organizational structure of enterprises Encourage enterprises to form a flexible flat organizational structure. High efficiency of e-commerce technology information processing within the enterprise network, each terminal can access to comprehensive data and information, the transmission of information inside and outside the enterprise is more convenient, direct, executives close to the front line of production, middle managers lost The basis for the existence and use of e-commerce technology instead of the management middle. Flexible organizational structure allows managers to fully authorized to reduce the levels of management, and enhance lateral communication within the organization, as well as communication with the external environment, accelerate the reaction of the market and competitive dynamics change. Consistency is between the organizational structure and IT systems. Companies need to establish stable dependencies with other companies in order to reduce the uncertainty of the environment, the use of IT to reduce coordination costs, the establishment of the mechanism of corporate organization and coordination between organizations, to form the non-product, cost, technology and other aspects virtual core competitiveness. Business organizations are to enhance the virtual operation. Refined and full of dynamic information and communication technologies, the use of network technology to connect suppliers, manufacturers, customers and even competitors such as independent from the temporary virtual enterprise, so that various members of the network organizational structure flexibility, technology sharing, complementary advantages, the joint development of a strong competitive advantage. Cross-functional work teams to become the basis of the organizational structure of enterprises. Work teams with specific tasks and business processes to establish the functions of supervision, incentives, constraints, direct-to-production tasks, the implementation of self-management, which replaces the hierarchical organizational structure of the basis of the organizational structure of the e-commerce businesses. E-commerce has changed the mode of contact for businesses and consumers, cross-functional work teams to use Internet technology to keep abreast of individual consumers and diversified consumer demand for fast development and production. E-commerce enterprise organizational structure type

The organizational structure of the e-commerce businesses around the structure of the processes of production and manufacturing functions to a service-oriented organizational structure change, according to the needs of the user's feedback and design or improve programs to convey to the manufacturing companies. While the core business through contract or controlling relationship, and manufacturing companies, vendors, product value stream linked into corporate chain. According to the division of the characteristics of the core enterprise, the organization structure of e-commerce businesses productive and unproductive two types: The Production network, the key is to maintain a high degree of sensitivity to...
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