Facilitate Skill Development and Maintanence

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QUESTION ONE: How does skill development contribute to Belinda’s sense of independence and empowerment? * She builds herself confidence.
* She grows stronger both physically and mentally by Sophie being there for her * Sophie gave her a friendly push for Belinda to achieve her goals

QUESTION TWO: How did the environment play a factor in Belinda’s ability to demonstrate skills?

* She felt calm and not judged at home and around Sophie, this helped Belinda achieve her goals. * When Belinda was with her physiotherapist she felt judged and struggled to do what was required because she was demotivated.

QUESTION THREE: What role did Sophie play in assessing and monitoring Belinda’s skill development and engagement?

* Sophie was seen as a friend in Belinda’s eyes, someone Belinda felt she could trust. * Sophie was Belinda’s advocate in helping her train by herself. * Sophie was able to be there for Belinda but she also had the ability to step back when she felt that Belinda was self-capable.

QUESTION FOUR: How did Sophie provide feedback to her supervisor and what was the outcome?

* Sophie verbally expressed Belinda’s emotional and mental state to her supervisor. * Sophie completed a Care Note about her concerns regarding Belinda. * The supervisor then acted on these concerns and suggested that Belinda do weight training at the gym with Sophie instead of with the physiotherapist.

QUESTION FIVE: Explain how Sophie;

a) Demonstrated respect for client rights
Sophie demonstrated respect for client rights by following up Belinda’s concerns and found a way to come to a satisfied agreement with Belinda.
b) Encouraged and supported skill development
Sophie encouraged Belinda by allowing Belinda to voice her opinions. By Sophie being there for her Belinda...
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