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  • Published : March 17, 2014
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1. Using Table 6.1 “A structure for Organizing Interview Facts,” what listed items would you emphasize during the interview with Isabel and why? In the case of Isabel the organized interview facts that I would focus on during the interview is the mental process and content, coping resources, capacity for facing problems, social factors, strengths, interest of Isabel and disability factors. This information will give me a structure for organizing facts and will give me an interview guide as a rehabilitation professional to help in developing rehabilitation plans that would be beneficial in helping Isabel in her process for making a career change. 2. Considering the above information, and reviewing the suggested “A Specialized Approach to Interest Assessment” in Chapter 7, discuss how you would proceed with Isabel, identifying the questions you would use in Steps 1 and 2. In step 1 I should as a vocational rehabilitation counselor ask questions related to Isabel’s interest such as from your past history of work what did you particularly like or dislike from those jobs? Also ask about special interest and what does Isabel enjoy doing in her spare time. Information like this will help me as a vocational rehabilitation counselor to identify what is behind the interest in search of a career change for Isabel and will give me insight into the situation. In step 2 I should be asking questions to explore Isabel’s values such as when you were working, what was important to you? Also ask for reasons why it was important to Isabel and this can help you determine as a vocational rehabilitation counselor what Isabel means by her values in sharing them. 3. Discuss possible ways that Isabel’s mental disability may impact the Interest assessment Process? Isabel was diagnosed with a mental disability which is called bipolar disorder which can create different mood swings that can affect the interest assessment process. Medicines are a key part in treating bipolar disorder but...
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