Chrysalids Group Seminar

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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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The Chrysalids Seminar
Sumayyah- Betrayal and loyalty those are two strong words that might have affected us some time in our life. The terms betrayal and loyalty are also relatable when we started our novel the Chrysalids by John Wyndham. In the novel the author shows the concept of betrayal and loyalty as the ultimate result of poor relationships. Jamal- Betrayal and loyalty are represented by the various kinds of relationships and their impact on one another. Misty- This is illustrated in two ways. Firstly the act of loyalty is shown as a result of true friendship. Pratish- And secondly the act of betrayal is the result of poor family relationships and friendships. We would now like to begin this seminar by supporting and proving our topic sentence. So firstly Misty would like to start off with how friendship can result to loyalty. Misty- We believe that a true and strong friendship can lead to loyalty. This is illustrated when David tries to save Sophie by attacking Allan who saws Sophie’s wet foot print on the rock. This also shows that David is brave and loyal enough to save Sophie knowing that she considered being a deviant. David’s loyalty is proven when he thinks “My intention was to gain a few minutes for Sophie to put her shoes on and hide, if she had a little start, he would never be able to find her”. This quote shows how David is trying to buy time for Sophie so she can run from Allan. This clearly proves that David’s action of saving Sophie who is considered to be a deviant is a great risk. But David’s stills consider it because he has a strong friendship with Sophie thus showing loyalty. David’s choice has a great impact on many individuals for example it delayed the process of Sophie getting caught it also affected David negatively because he got beaten by his father. Jamal – Another example of loyalty is when Michael refuses to go to Sealand with the foreign lady because he does not what to leave Rachael behind. This is shown when the foreign...
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